Cloud Mining Reviews: Bitcoin Mining & Income Made Easy!

bitcoin cloud mining

In this article, we take a deep dive into Bitcoin cloud mining and see if it’s really worth investing in. We’ll also examine the top three trusted cloud mining sites (which support major altcoin cloud mining along with BTC cloud mining), to see what exactly they can offer the savvy cryptocurrency investor in terms of passive income. Can you REALLY buy into a mining pool and live off your earnings? Let’s find out!

#1 – Genesis Mining Review

A review for genesis mining - a top cloud mining company THE biggest name in cloud mining! Invest with them for 2-5 years and a range of affordable package options. You can always increase your investment over the mining term and thus increase your mining power, coins and income – miners on a small budget like to reinvest their initial ROI this way and scale up their coin portfolios quickly. Genesis-Mining’s inherent flexibility makes this easy, and you can also adapt to market fluctuations by adjusting your mining operations. Other than that, GM’s service is “done for you” and represents the simplest way to acquire Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies, whilst earning income from your holdings. Once you join a GM mining pool, you can adjust your operations and mine not only BTC, but Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and Zcash as you see fit. This diversity would require a lot of expensive hardware done at home, along with sky high electricity costs and the need for you to watch over your mining. Buying into a GM mining pool is advantageous because you:

  • Get started IMMEDIATELY with an up-and-running operation which is ALREADY profitable
  • Have freedom! Check your GM portfolio on your mobile device and adjust your mining to reflect cryptomarket changes
  • Don’t have to babysit expensive, heat-generating hardware
  • See INSTANT income from your coin mining
  • Can reinvest and grow your mining power without purchasing more home hardware
  • Pool your hashing power with other miners, increasing payouts for ALL

Be aware that despite rumors, Genesis Mining does not support Dogecoin cloud mining at this time and has no plans to. Their focus is on tried-and-true major, service-backed cryptocurrency, so that their customers are able to mine coins that are safe and reliable. Mining contracts are a long-term investment strategy that is best served by mining for stable coins rather than vanity coins, meme coins and other fad internet coins. If you really need to buy meme-based coins, a crypto exchange would suit your needs better than cloud mining. Genesis Mining is the best cloud miner for beginners and experienced miners and crypto enthusiasts alike. It offers an affordable easy entry level start to cloud mining, simplicity, flexibility and you can scale up at any time. Choose GM for a buildable, solid coin portfolio YOU create with your blend of Bitcoin cloud mining, Ethereum cloud mining, Monero Cloud mining and Litecoin mining. If you like to invest in cryptocurrencies that are ‘riskier’ volatile coins such as Dash and Zcash and can afford to gamble your mining power then add in a sprinkle of those and you may well see a spike in your ROI on top of that provided by the other workhorse coins. It’s impossible to give an ‘average’ passive income figure because there are many variable factors at play, including your investment, coin prices and so on but many GM users report earning enough from their coin mining to support themselves and their family without a day job. Steady, reliable income, that they have built up within 6 months of investing with GM. A ballpark figure based on reinvesting a modest initial “buy in” contract is @$700 per day, after 6 months – one year of mining. Good luck!

#2 – Hashflare Review

Hashflare - A top cloud bitcoin mining company Hashflare are the best cloud miner for people who want a shorter mining contract of one year. They offer Bitcoin cloud mining, Litecoin cloud mining, Ethereum cloud mining and Dash cloud mining. Hashflare bring a lot of extra resources to the table for their miners, with 24/7 support, a knowledgebase of mining and investing tips and news, and basically everything you need to know or learn to make your mined coins give you the best possible passive income. Dash coin owners love the shorter Hashflare contracts because Dash is such a volatile coin, with a ‘rollercoaster’ market track. They know how to ride the dips and highs and make huge ROI from Dash and so the shorter contract is ideal, because Dash is a coin that one buys and sells at lightning speed. Hashflare focuses on the heavy hitters too,with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, which have been around gaining value on cryptomarkets for a long time and have the infrastructure to succeed for years to come. Hashflare lets you start mining as soon as you join, and shows you your coin income from day one. Although small at this time, it proves that Hashflare works quickly for you to build you a solid coin portfolio, as you go about your life. As with Genesis Mining, you can expect to build livable income quite quickly by mining smart and reinvesting your earnings.

#3 – Minergate

Minergate - one of the best cloud bitcoin mining companies Our list of trusted cloud mining sites wouldn’t be complete without Minergate, who provide solid mining services that encompass Monero(XMR) cloud mining, Bitcoin Gold(BTG), Zcash(ZEC), Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum Classic(ETC), Bytecoin(BCN), Ethereum(ETH), Monero Classic(XMC), Fantom Coin and Aeon Coin. With over 3,500,000 customers around the world you will buy into already-profitable combined coin mining power that benefits you with instant ROI and the freedom to mine a great, stable portfolio without being tethered to your PC. Without heat-generating hardware, you are free to go about your life while Minergate does the ‘dirty work’ for you. Miners can withdraw as little as 0.01 coin, so that they can withdraw their coins EVERY DAY for instant passive income they can use – no need to wait! Minergate is the preferred cloud mining service for travelling coin miners, who want to see the world while they have reliable income coming in that they can use ANYWHERE. Minergate work hard to give you the most profit from your ops. Customers love the stability of Minergate’s uptime, and the ‘instant withdraw’ feature that adds up to freedom, flexibility and fast profit on their initial investment. When you choose Minergate, you choose a service that doesn’t decrease power on your coins as you mine diversely; meaning you can build up an expansive portfolio quickly!

That wraps up our top 3 reviewed sites for the very best in Bitcoin cloud mining! Our Genesis Mining review, Hashflare review and Minergate review are the combined work of the CRN fintech team who believe these three sites offer the easiest route to getting a quick and profitable start in cloud mining BTC and other major coins.

No, Dogecoin cloud mining will not be a thing any time soon, so please stop asking us! While Doge is a novelty coin that has shown staying power, the CRN team need to see a little more from it before we promote it as a serious investment, and it’s obvious that reputable cloud mining sites feel the same way. If you want to own Doge, buy it from a good exchange. It’s always worth having a toe in the water with ‘novelty’ coins and you can make a quick profit if you are smart.

Happy coin mining, and remember to raise a toast to your team at CRN when you are enjoying your passive income 🙂

Be aware that if you want to get in to Bitcoin cloud mining, you should do so soon as BTC is forecast to plateau very soon!